Pakatj offers a Growth-Oriented Career. We employ people with a positive attitude towards work and life. The atmosphere at PAKATJ is professional yet friendly and gives employees opportunity to learn experiment, grow and contribute.

PAKATJ believes in empowering its employees and provides them with a lot of freedom and flexibility to cope up with never ending high pressure, challenging and tight deadline projects.

PAKATJ believes that Associates perform best in an environment, which permits freedom of expression and an air of informality. The company encourages Associates to voice a counter viewpoint without fear of retribution. The belief that 'Every PAKATJ Employee is a Leader' is reflected in PAKATJ practice of assigning critical tasks based on capability, rather than seniority. PAKATJ discourages Hierarchical Barriers and Associates are free to reach one another in the company.

PAKATJ believes in employee engagement rather than employee management, allowing every Associate to rise to her or his level of potential. The challenge is to manage how much people “Want To” and “Actually Do” to improve business results.

We continually seek High Quality Domain Experts, Software Engineers, Testing Experts, Sales and Marketing people to join our Pakatj Technologies Team. Investment in retaining and developing these people through quality training is a priority for Pakatj Technologies. We are a company that rewards achievement, celebrates diversity, and is always striving to grow and continuously raise the bar to Achieve Greater Heights.

You're talented. You want to work with the hottest leading-edge technologies, side-by-side with other brilliant minds. Most of all, you want to develop your career at your own pace. You can do it at Pakatj. Through Web development, application integration, systems analysis, and more, you will be creating forward-thinking business solutions for our clients.